Role Playing Science & Conspiracy

Breaking Infinity

Tangled in a web of secret labs, conspiracies, and cabals, the truth languishes. Can you and your friends set it free? The Breaking Infinity RPG is a single book that includes rules, character generation, setting, GM tools, a bestiary, and a starter adventure.

Please enjoy this free download of the game! All you'll need to play are a few six-sided dice, pencils, paper, and some friends.

Elli Films and Baffle Box Games have teamed up and will release FREE, beautifully printed copies of the Breaking Infinity Role Playing Game at the UK Games Expo June 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.

Breaking Infinity, the film, will be screened at the Games Expo on Saturday, June 3rd, and will be followed up by a Q&A with the director Marianna Dean and actor Zoe Cunningham.

free downloadable resources
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Breaking Infinity RPG Breaking Infinity Breaking_Infinity_v5.05_A4.pfd
Character Sheet (double) BI_charSheet_A4.pdf

Be sure to check out the trailer linked to the poster below!